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T3 Computer Services provides Information Technology services to small and medium sized businesses throught out the Charlotte area.More...

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Security Systems

The task of security has become increasingly more challenging. Today we face threats of theft, vandalism, legal liability, violent crime, and even terrorism. Existing methods of dealing with these risks have been time consuming and very costly. The best solutions so far have only been available to large corporations who have had the resources to increase their security staff or install Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems to monitor different areas of their facility. Even with CCTV there are some key limitations such as low-quality video, burdensome tape management, and only localized viewing. In addition, each CCTV system requires onsite personnel to constantly monitor camera feeds.

T3 Computer Services solves these problems with a new generation of surveillance systems that combine the power of digital imaging technology with the speed and accessibility of the Internet. T3 Visual Servers allow users to view high quality, real-time surveillance footage from multiple locations anywhere in the world through a standard web browser. Video is automatically compressed and stored onto file servers or burned onto a CD-ROM.

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